What is soy lecithin and why is it used?

There is approximately 0.1% lecithin in the final product, which we have been assured is from non-GMO sources. This works out to approximately 0.03 grams of soy lecithin per serve of our protein.

There is a very informative blog on our website regarding soy lecithin and what it contains. You can read it here: http://bareblends.com.au/blog/soy-lecithin/

Unfortunately, we do not mix in the lecithin ourselves, the manufacturers of the raw whey protein add lecithin during the production process. Although we have been able to find whey protein in the past using sunflower lecithin instead of soy, this is no longer available as it caused the protein to go rancid too quickly. Although we experimented for quite a while with unlecithinised whey proteins and tested them with customers, the overwhelming result was that it was too hard to mix (as soon as you added liquid it would turn into a brick, unable to be shaken, you would HAVE to use a high powered blender every time, and most customers were not satisfied with this). We are continuing to pressure our suppliers to put R&D into non-soy lecithins.

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